How one radio interview can reach an audience of 26 million

When BF media secure an interview request with Sky News Radio for one of our clients, the office fills with the sounds of woop woop’s, back slapping and high fives. As the main supplier of news to the commercial radio network, an interview with the broadcaster can reach a potential audience of 26 million, so it’s a justified reason for celebration. However, a request for an interview is only half the job. Because of how Sky News Radio operates – when and how they record their interviews, the fact there’s no output to tune into and how hard it is to measure any single piece of content – convincing clients of the value of the opportunity and then mobilising spokespeople at short notice to provide an interview 24 hours earlier than planned, can often be such an obstacle that the request ends up being unfulfilled and a huge opportunity missed.

As a broadcast PR agency our primary role is to deliver the best possible outcomes for the clients we work with but we also believe that we have an important role to play in terms promoting the value and power of broadcast to the communications industry and they don’t come more powerful than Sky News Radio – which is why we decided to host a talk with Kiran Bhangal.

So check out the audio below and have a listen as Kiran discusses everything from how Sky News Radio operates, the vital role it plays in supporting newsrooms across the country, the types of stories they prioritise, how spokespeople should frame their answers and even the best time to pick up the phone and pitch a story.