Breaking Through at Breakfast

Right now, in May 2022, broadcast is booming. The latest RAJAR figures show that 89% of the adult population are tuning into their selected radio shows each week. In the last quarter LBC News, not the LBC of Nick Ferrari and James O’Brien but the station’s rolling news output just hit a million listeners for the first time and Times Radio saw an incredible 40% rise in their audience, taking them to a reach of just over 700,000. With so much growth in the sector, it’s not surprising that brands are increasingly interested in how to communicate their stories on TV and Radio.

The new way we work and how and where we tune into radio has not only increased enthusiasm for the medium but also changed the traditional landscape of broadcast scheduling with a number of mid-morning shows now garnering bigger audiences than what was always the flagship shift in the broadcast industry – the Breakfast Show.

But despite this shift and the constant battle for airtime against the big political and global stories of the day, for many securing an interview and telling a story on breakfast programming is still, and always will be, the jewel in the crown of broadcast coverage, which is why we hosted our Breaking Through at Breakfast talk with Emma Penney, one of the breakfast show producers at the fastest growing national broadcaster in the UK right now, Times Radio.

Emma shared some incredibly useful insight into what makes the show tick, their ambitions for the future and how and when PR’s can best cut through the big political noise of the day.