Rebel Kitchen

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Rebel Kitchen
Project Date
January 2020

The Sex vs Coffee Debate

As part of their Veganuary marketing campaign, Rebel Kitchen launched a series of daring outdoor adverts that, in poking fun at Donald Trump, promoted their new Rebel Mylk Barista range. Being a key trading period for the brand, BF media were tasked with finding a way to amplify the campaign editorially across broadcast media, whilst maintaining the personality of the above the line campaign.

With the brief landing in the middle of January, we had to turn a story around within 3 weeks that would stand out from all the other Veganuary PR content and deliver cut through at a time when the majority of the media’s focus was on the inauguration of Joe Bidden and the ongoing pandemic.

With coffee expert James Hoffman already in place as a spokesperson, the challenge was to deliver broadcast interviews that linked his experience to both the product and our broadcast angle seamlessly.

Whenever BF media plan a radio day from scratch, the process always starts with we always “what kind of a subject matter will get the phone-in’s going. What conversation will make listeners tweet the station”. We believe that if you nail that element of a broadcast project, you are guaranteed a story that radio stations will engage with.

With this in mind, we used our research panel to test three of our initial creatives among a representative audience and as we anticipated, the one that rang true with the majority of our focus group was the most provocative subject matter – ‘would you rather give up sex or coffee for a month’. Thus our Sex vs Coffee creative was born which allowed us to discuss the growth in coffee enthusiasts during lockdown and in turn the options out there for quality milk substitutes such as Barista.

With a bold creative approved and our research turned around in less than a week, we saw radio stations confirm interviews as soon as we started pitching the story in and just as we had planned, a number of broadcasters used the subject matter as a reason for listeners to phone in and give their opinions.