Newsjacking Rishi Sunak’s First Major Speech

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Protect Pure Maths
Project Date
January 2023

Protect Pure Maths, a campaign to protect pure maths and advance the mathematical sciences in the UK had been working with BF media over the previous 6 months to raise awareness of the importance of maths education and to ensure that the mathematical sciences are understood, valued and properly funded.

But on the evening of the 3rd of January 2023, after receiving a tip off from a national broadcaster, BF media were able to provide the campaign group with an opportunity to take advantage of a major policy announcement by the UK government. At 9:30pm we received word that Getting word that Rishi Sunak was going to make his first major speech as Prime Minister the following day and the main focus would be on a new policy aimed at improving numeracy in schools, with a pledge to provide maths education for all students up to the age of 18.

This presented an excellent opportunity for Protect Pure Maths to make their voice heard and hold the government accountable for funding promises for mathematical sciences.

By 10:30pm, the BF media team were in dialogue with overnight producers at every major broadcast outlet setting up interviews for the following day with our first hitting TV screens at 9:20am and the last taking place at 5:30pm. Throughout the day, Protect Pure Maths were able to position themselves at the forefront of the conversation, with representatives from the campaign appearing on numerous news programmes, each time promoting the importance of Maths and landing the desired messaging regarding funding.

The successful newsjacking came down to quick thinking, effective media relations and the ability to mobilise at a moment’s notice, come day or night and demonstrates the importance of working with a nimble and responsive broadcast team. 

By leveraging a breaking news story, we were able to position our client as a key player in the conversation and generate significant media coverage and attention for their cause.