My Moozik

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My Moozik
Project Date
January 2021

Using social listening and broadcast media relations to generate sales

Our client My Moozik, a producer of educational books and music for children, had released their first studio studio album, which aims to bridge the gap between nursery rhymes and pop music, just as the global pandemic struck resulting in very little media cut through and low sales figures.

With almost a year since the album was launched our job was to find a new way to start a conversation about the product and ultimately start shifting albums.

BF media were first briefed on the project in November and whilst we had access to double platinum selling artist Newton Faulkner as a spokesperson for a radio day, we felt the best way to maximise cut through would be to wait and see how the COVID 19 dominated news agenda evolved over the winter months.

When it was finally announced that schools would remain closed after the Christmas holidays, we knew that there would be an opportunity to discuss the educational aspects of the album. However, rather than diving into the homeschooling debate immediately we decided to use our social listening tools and hold off until debate around the subject matter approached its peak.

As the frequency with which parents vented their homeschooling frustrations online increased day-by-day, by mid january it was clear that the final week of the month would be the optimum time to tap into the conversation.

Now, working towards an immediate deadline, we promptly developed and then delivered a short piece of news gen research that looked into how parents had been coping since the start of the year.

Using ‘8 out of 10 parents admit to struggling with homeschooling’ as our lead stat and armed with the insight and confidence that the homeschooling debate would make the leap from social to broadcast media, we began speaking to radio and TV outlets, offering Newton and his sister and manager, Lottie, as spokespeople.

The result was an eight hour broadcast day consisting of back-to-back interviews with Lottie, Newton and songs from the My Day album. Our broadcast project featured on more than a third of the BBC Radio network along with TV interviews on BBC News and Sky News. The story surrounding the album, it’s educational benefit and how it can assist homeschooling parents generated so much cut through that discussion continued on broadcast outlets across the weekend and through to the following week on radio stations such as 6 Music and BBC London but most importantly, there was an immediate impact on sales with more albums sold in one day than in the preceding 12 months.