Maximising Time With Talent

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Pitch Marketing Group & EE
Project Date
November 2021

What’s the most amount of interviews you can set up in two hours?

This was the challenge Pitch Marketing Group laid down for us when launching EE’s PhoneSmart Licence – a fun, interactive and educational course to help kids learn how to stay safe and be kind online.

The brief was a simple one. For the launch, EE had a small amount of time leftover in their ambassador, Louise Redknapp’s, contract. What could we make from the research that had already been conducted and 2 hours of her time. 

We built our approach to broadcasters by focusing on data that related to themes such as whether it was ok to check your child’s phone whilst they slept, whether they feared their child could become an online bully and worries about the impact of fake news on children.

Armed with an angle that we knew would engage the type of high-quality broadcast outlets every client wants their campaign to feature on, as well as provide Louise with a platform to effortlessly land key messaging, the main challenge now was logistical.

Because BF media was set up during the height of the pandemic, our offering, and the way we provide interviews to media, has always been based around a spokesperson being able to speak to broadcasters from the comfort of their own home. Because our engineers can create a like-for-like audio experience for stations output by using a mix of technology we have at our disposal. Perfect for when you only have a limited amount of time with a spokesperson and don’t want to waste precious time taxing them into a studio from across town.

Having this unique setup and an experienced audio engineer at the helm, also allows us to cram, with confidence, as many interviews together as possible, whilst seamlessly moving from one to the other as if we were in a physical studio. An ideal scenario when your challenge is to secure as many interviews as possible in a short period of time.

As a result, we were able to deliver 13 interviews without any glitches, at a rate of one every 8 minutes over the two-hour period.