Managing multiple TV crews for the DSS GB Championships

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Down Syndrome Swimming Great Britian
Project Date
October 2022

When it comes to broadcast media, securing TV interviews is a top priority for any client. But when multiple crews from different outlets are vying for access to the same event, it takes a skilled team to manage the situation and ensure that all outlets get the content they need.

Neil Lacey Speaking to ITV News

That’s exactly what the BF media team did when they were hired by Down Syndrome Swimming Great Britain to handle media relations for their first ever national championships. With our strong relationships with broadcasters, the team was able to secure interviews with a selection of inspirational competitors, as well as numerous pieces for television outlets including Sky, Channel 5, ITV News, and BBC News.

But the real challenge came on the day before the championships, when a limited one hour window for filming at the venue and the need to accommodate multiple crews with different deadlines, shot selections, and spokesperson requests, made logistics a major concern. Thanks to their team of broadcast experts, including former presenters and producers, BF media was able to carefully plan and coordinate to ensure that all outlets left with the content they needed to tell the story of the championships and its inspirational competitors.

Sky News crew at work

The team’s understanding of how TV outlets work, think, and speed they move makes them uniquely qualified to handle these kinds of challenges and deliver exceptional results for their clients and broadcasters.